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Giesemann Aquaristic Aquablue Coral




Special 70:30 Blend of 6000K and 22000K

The AquaBlue Coral is the ultimate blue/white light spectrum T5 bulb that enhances the brilliant colors of your corals and fish.

  • Semi-natural light spectrum of about 15000 Kelvin
  • Corresponds to the spectral composition of the light under water
  • Very long color stability through quality phosphors
  • Reinforcement of all colors in fish and corals
  • Promotes coral growth by reinforcing the preferred range of zooxanthellae in the blue spectrum
  • Absolutely brilliant, fluorescent colors of marine life
  • Made in Germany

AQUABLUE CORAL is the ultimate blue/white light spectrum for brilliant colors from your corals and fish. It is ideal in combination with the ACTINIC BLUE or SUPER ACTINIC to produce exceptionally beautiful color effects and the ideal light for all marine creatures that live in salt-water and reef aquariums. A special 70:30 combination of 6000K and 22000K (approx.) phosphor blend. It is specifically designed for reef aquariums mimicking sea water to a depth of one to twenty meters. It can be used for growing SPS corals up to 80cm in the aquarium.


T5 lighting has been a staple in the hobby with the ability to fine tune the spectrum of the fixture with different bulbs. Many successful reef tanks have used T5 bulbs as their primary light source. A mix of actinic and daylight bulbs will fill most fixtures however with all of the different options if you wish to bring out certain colors in corals or fish, there is usually a bulb that will help with that. T5 lighting is good for most tanks up to about 2 feet deep.


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24" (24w), 36" (39w), 48" (54w), 60" (80w)


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